Strategic Primer Fourteenth Turn Summary

The current campaign of Strategic Primer recently, finally, finished its fourteenth turn. This was the last turn of the game-world year. Today’s post summarizes the turn, as much as we can without revealing the players’ secrets. Continue reading “Strategic Primer Fourteenth Turn Summary”


Strategic Primer Issue Tracker for Rules/Mechanics Questions

As the current campaign of Strategic Primer has gone on, with the game’s aim of allowing players to “do the unexpected”, players have repeatedly come up with ideas that I hadn’t thought of before.

Occasionally the right way to handle a new idea flows directly, immediately and obviously, from the rules and game mechanics I’ve already established, from my memory of other games I have played or read about, or from my understanding of the item or system in the real world that corresponds to the idea.

More often, I don’t immediately leap to an answer that seems correct, but after discussing it with players, I come to some sort of reasonable answer. However, sometimes this discussion stretches out (given intermittent attention) over months or even years. And since these conversations often take place in comment threads alongside drafts of players’ strategies, it’s quite likely that some questions to which I said at the time nothing more definitive than “I’ll have to think about that” have simply gotten forgotten since then. Continue reading “Strategic Primer Issue Tracker for Rules/Mechanics Questions”

The Contents of the Strategic Primer World Map: A Statistical Summary

As players of Strategic Primer wait for the results of their thirteenth turn strategies, I thought they, and perhaps any other interested readers, might find some statistics about the current campaign’s game-world map interesting—and perhaps might have some ideas about anything significant that it’s missing or comments as to how some proportions seem off. Continue reading “The Contents of the Strategic Primer World Map: A Statistical Summary”

Poetry Book update, updated poem popularity stats

Eep! The last time I gave an update on the status of my “Poetry Book” project was back in July. I’m long overdue. Not that there’s much to report, so, as I mentioned earlier today, I should also talk about poetry posted (and popularity changes) since I selected poems for the collection. Continue reading “Poetry Book update, updated poem popularity stats”

Poetry Archive Conclusions, Poetry Book Update

With Thursday’s index, and this concluding discussion, my “Poetry Archive” experiment is essentially at an end. (I’m not going to close off comments or pull any posts, so further discussion can still go on, but I don’t plan any more Archive posts.) In today’s post, I’ll summarize the results so far, and then talk a bit more about my planned collection. Continue reading “Poetry Archive Conclusions, Poetry Book Update”

Strategic Primer: Toward a Superior Model of Agriculture

When I began the current campaign of Strategic Primer, I didn’t think about how to model agriculture until I needed something to report in the players’ first turn results, and it shows. (The previous campaign never really kept track of any resources, for what it’s worth.) And while I’m not going to change the rules on this mid-campaign, I don’t want any future campaign to be stuck with either the current, somewhat flawed, model or a new one I invent on the spot for that campaign like I did for this one. Continue reading “Strategic Primer: Toward a Superior Model of Agriculture”