Second Collection: Title Announcement, Betas Wanted

As most readers of this blog surely know by now, back in 2014 I published a collection of my poetry, both in paperback and on Kindle. Some of you may also be aware that I’m currently working on a second collection. I have one item of news about this project, and there is one part of it with which I would like the help of some of my readers. Continue reading


Resource Modeling in Strategic Primer

As I wait for the players of the current campaign of Strategic Primer to finish their strategies for the current turn, I’ve spent some time adding support for resources and equipment in the map to the map viewer. Today I’d like to briefly discuss how the map represents these things, what this means for players, and how I’d like to further improve this support in the future. Continue reading

“A Year in Verse” Blog

As many of you know, for some time now I’ve been working on putting together a collection of my poetry. What I haven’t mentioned until now is that when I release the collection, I plan to promote it with a complementary blog. (Link to follow when the time comes.) And, as with the collection itself, I’d like your suggestions for the book’s blog. Continue reading

Strategic Primer future campaign ideas

Over the years that the current campaign of Strategic Primer has run, from time to time I’ve had ideas of how to improve the game that I can’t really apply to this campaign. Today’s post is a collection of these ideas, so I can refer to them later, and so that players can discuss whether any of them might be worth implementing in the current campaign despite the discontinuity with previous turns this would entail. Continue reading