A Year In Verse Birthday Sale

A Year in Verse coverTomorrow, February 24, is my birthday. While I plan to post a poem, it is not (as it has been in some years) written or chosen specifically for this occasion, even though this is a “round-number birthday.” On the other hand, I am marking the occasion by offering the Kindle format of A Year in Verse, my (first and so far only) collection of my poetry, at a discount this weekend. Continue reading


Peter’s Angel

What if the Americans had lost the Revolutionary War?Peter's Angel cover

Besides being an interesting counter-factual question, though not one I’d thought to include in my planned ‘Alternate Universes’ subseries of the Shine Cycle, one possible answer provides the setting of Miss Aubrey Hansen‘s new novel Peter’s Angel, the first in a saga of the same name, which is released today. Continue reading

Writing and social media

It should be obvious by now from the content of this blog that I’m an aspiring author and more than occasional poet. I’m also a heavy user of social media to reconnect with friends and acquaintances and to find resources relevant to my interests (writing, game development, programming, politics, etc. …). So I’ve been thinking: what “social media” tools are there for writers? Continue reading