Poetry Book update, updated poem popularity stats

Eep! The last time I gave an update on the status of my “Poetry Book” project was back in July. I’m long overdue. Not that there’s much to report, so, as I mentioned earlier today, I should also talk about poetry posted (and popularity changes) since I selected poems for the collection. Continue reading “Poetry Book update, updated poem popularity stats”


Poetry Archive Conclusions, Poetry Book Update

With Thursday’s index, and this concluding discussion, my “Poetry Archive” experiment is essentially at an end. (I’m not going to close off comments or pull any posts, so further discussion can still go on, but I don’t plan any more Archive posts.) In today’s post, I’ll summarize the results so far, and then talk a bit more about my planned collection. Continue reading “Poetry Archive Conclusions, Poetry Book Update”

Poetry Book Project: Annual Organization (RFC)

This spring I announced my intention to produce and self-publish a collection of my poetry. (As regular readers know, I post new poems here nearly every Friday, and have for more than a year weekly sought advice on selecting, organizing, and improving subsets of the whole.) Today I’d like to describe a concept for the collection that I recently thought of; please let me know what you think. Continue reading “Poetry Book Project: Annual Organization (RFC)”

Strategic Primer: Origin as Science Fair project

I’ve mentioned before that Strategic Primer, my strategy game began as the apparatus for a science fair project. Today I’d like to talk about that in somewhat more detail.

In my school district, at least at that time, all eighth graders had to produce a project for a science fair. (This project was graded—leniently—but no prizes were awarded and there was no “next level” for any of the projects to advance to.) I concluded that I did not want to do any of the traditional projects, since I don’t like laboratory science in general. I eventually happened on this idea.

The question I settled on was, “What effect does age have on the ability to succeed in a game of military strategy?” I hypothesized that older people would be more likely to succeed. Then I designed my “experiment.” Continue reading “Strategic Primer: Origin as Science Fair project”