A Year In Verse Birthday Sale

A Year in Verse coverTomorrow, February 24, is my birthday. While I plan to post a poem, it is not (as it has been in some years) written or chosen specifically for this occasion, even though this is a “round-number birthday.” On the other hand, I am marking the occasion by offering the Kindle format of A Year in Verse, my (first and so far only) collection of my poetry, at a discount this weekend. Continue reading A Year In Verse Birthday Sale”


What I mean by “real titles”

Sometimes, when I post a new poem, when I ask for suggestions, I’ll say parenthetically, “Perhaps of a real title for this poem?” This has elicited a few comments that the “title” I’d used—the first line—was fine, to which my response was essentially, “Yes and no.” Today I’d like to explain this in more detail. Continue reading “What I mean by “real titles””