A Year In Verse Birthday Sale

A Year in Verse coverTomorrow, February 24, is my birthday. While I plan to post a poem, it is not (as it has been in some years) written or chosen specifically for this occasion, even though this is a “round-number birthday.” On the other hand, I am marking the occasion by offering the Kindle format of A Year in Verse, my (first and so far only) collection of my poetry, at a discount this weekend. Continue reading

A Year in Verse, Book and Blog, Available

A Year in Verse coverAs my regular readers are by now painfully aware, for the last few years I’ve been working on a collection of my poetry. This month, after numerous delays, that work is finished: my collection, titled A Year in Verse, is available in print and electronic formats. Continue reading

Poetry Book update, updated poem popularity stats

Eep! The last time I gave an update on the status of my “Poetry Book” project was back in July. I’m long overdue. Not that there’s much to report, so, as I mentioned earlier today, I should also talk about poetry posted (and popularity changes) since I selected poems for the collection. Continue reading

Poetry Archive Conclusions, Poetry Book Update

With Thursday’s index, and this concluding discussion, my “Poetry Archive” experiment is essentially at an end. (I’m not going to close off comments or pull any posts, so further discussion can still go on, but I don’t plan any more Archive posts.) In today’s post, I’ll summarize the results so far, and then talk a bit more about my planned collection. Continue reading

Poetry Archive: Index

Since I’ve had, for the most part, minimal response to my pleas for feedback on my poems as I post them each week, and the full archive has grown to truly daunting size, each Thursday for the past year and a half I’ve posted links to a smaller selection of poems, asking for your opinion of them individually and compared to others in the group—valuable information as I prepare a collection. I titled these posts the “Poetry Archive.” Last week was the last scheduled “Poetry Archive” post (if there’s sufficient demand I’ll reconsider), so today’s post is an index of the whole series, so anyone who wishes can go through the whole thing without having to also sift through unrelated posts in the other “departments” of this blog. Continue reading

Poetry Archive: Volume VII: Faith (Part 9)

Since I’ve usually had minimal response to my pleas for feedback on my poetry as I’ve posted it on this blog over the past several years, though I am grateful to those who have commented (at the time and via these Archive posts so far), and (more to the point) the list of poems I’ve posted here has now grown to daunting size, each Thursday I present (links to) a smaller selection of previously-posted poems, now arranged topically. I’m trying to figure out which poems are my best, and improve them, as part of my preparations for a collection, so please read each poem and tell me which poem or poems you liked best (and if possible why, as well as any other comments you may have, such as possible improvements).

This is the last of nine installments listing my poems, other than those in my Arthurian cycle and my Psalm settings, having most to do with themes relating to the Christian faith. This may be the last installment of the Poetry Archive series, or I may follow this with some more focused selections of “favorites” (mine and those that have emerged as this series ran its course), or I may continue in some other way—we’ll see.

Again, please comment and tell me which poem or poems of these you liked best, and if possible why. And any other comments you care to give.