First-Trimester 2018 Strategic Primer Goals Check

For the past several week, I’ve been looking back over the past four months to see whether I’m on track to meet my goals for the year, starting with my “miscellaneous” goals on Saturday and my Shine Cycle goals on Monday. Today, I’ll look at my goals relating to Strategic Primer. Continue reading


First-Trimester 2018 Shine Cycle Goals Check

On Saturday, I checked up on my progress so far on “miscellaneous” goals for the year. Today, a look at how I’m doing on my goals relating to the Shine Cycle, my fantasy series-in-preparation. Continue reading

First-Trimester 2018 Goals Check

Back in December, I set a goal for 2018 to

After each trimester, assess progress and note any necessary amendments to goals in a blog post.

Where have the last four months gone? But now that I’ve noticed the passage of time, and the most urgently pressing demands on my time have lifted for a moment, I’ll belatedly follow through on that goal. Today, a look at how I’m doing on my “general” and “miscellaneous” goals, with consideration of those in re the Shine Cycle and Strategic Primer next week. Continue reading

2017 Review, 2018 Goals

In this last full week of the civil year, as in past years I’ve taken this opportunity to review the year that was and set new goals for the coming year. I began with the two “magna opera” that have taken up so much of my attention, the Shine Cycle on Tuesday and Strategic Primer on Wednesday. Today, I’ll cover “the rest,” starting with a review of the goals I set for myself a year ago. Continue reading

Strategic Primer 2017 Review, 2018 Goals

As the year draws to a close, I am again looking back to the goals I set a year ago, and forward to set new goals for 2018. I began with goals related to the Shine Cycle yesterday; today, I’ll consider Strategic Primer, the strategy game I’ve been developing in one form or another for many years, starting with the goals I set back in January. Continue reading

Shine Cycle 2017 Review, 2018 Goals

As the civil year draws to a close, I again pause briefly to consider how the last year has gone and how I might best address myself to the new year. In particular, I’ve been looking back to measure myself against the goals I set a year ago, and deciding what goals to set for the year to come. As usual, I will consider each of my “magna opera” in turn, starting with the Shine Cycle today, and beginning with my goals for that in 2017. Continue reading

2017 Goals Third Quarter Report: Strategic Primer

After looking at the last quarter to check my progress on my general goals for the year and check up on the same for the Shine Cycle, it’s time to take a similar look at Strategic Primer. Unlike my report three months ago, I’m not combining this with an assistive programs development report; that was last week. Continue reading