Second Collection: Title Announcement, Betas Wanted

As most readers of this blog surely know by now, back in 2014 I published a collection of my poetry, both in paperback and on Kindle. Some of you may also be aware that I’m currently working on a second collection. I have one item of news about this project, and there is one part of it with which I would like the help of some of my readers. Continue reading “Second Collection: Title Announcement, Betas Wanted”


A Year in Verse, Book and Blog, Available

A Year in Verse coverAs my regular readers are by now painfully aware, for the last few years I’ve been working on a collection of my poetry. This month, after numerous delays, that work is finished: my collection, titled A Year in Verse, is available in print and electronic formats. Continue reading A Year in Verse, Book and Blog, Available”

Poetry Book Project: Annual Organization (RFC)

This spring I announced my intention to produce and self-publish a collection of my poetry. (As regular readers know, I post new poems here nearly every Friday, and have for more than a year weekly sought advice on selecting, organizing, and improving subsets of the whole.) Today I’d like to describe a concept for the collection that I recently thought of; please let me know what you think. Continue reading “Poetry Book Project: Annual Organization (RFC)”