Second Collection: Title Announcement, Betas Wanted

As most readers of this blog surely know by now, back in 2014 I published a collection of my poetry, both in paperback and on Kindle. Some of you may also be aware that I’m currently working on a second collection. I have one item of news about this project, and there is one part of it with which I would like the help of some of my readers. Continue reading


A Year in Verse, Book and Blog, Available

A Year in Verse coverAs my regular readers are by now painfully aware, for the last few years I’ve been working on a collection of my poetry. This month, after numerous delays, that work is finished: my collection, titled A Year in Verse, is available in print and electronic formats. Continue reading

Poetry Book update

In the months since my last report on my “Poetry Book” project, I’ve made substantial progress, but much remains to do, I have a few questions for my readers, and I’ll want test-readers soon. Continue reading

Poetry Book project update

Back in March, I gave a brief update on the status of my “Poetry Book” project, which I’m tentatively titling A Year in Verse. I intended for that to become a monthly feature until near release, but then there simply wasn’t any more progress to report. Now there is, so it’s time for another update. Continue reading

Poetry Book Project: Annual Organization (RFC)

This spring I announced my intention to produce and self-publish a collection of my poetry. (As regular readers know, I post new poems here nearly every Friday, and have for more than a year weekly sought advice on selecting, organizing, and improving subsets of the whole.) Today I’d like to describe a concept for the collection that I recently thought of; please let me know what you think. Continue reading