Strategic Primer assistive programs release, development report, and roadmap (0.4.9014-rc1)

It’s now been four months since the last snapshot release of the suite of assistive programs for players and Judges of Strategic Primer, with my only public comments about development progress being a few lines in the quarterly goals check last month. Most of my development efforts in the past months have gone into porting the suite to Ceylon, but that port has been essentially complete for several weeks now, and I’ve implemented some new features as well, so I’ve built a new “snapshot release,” or to use a new-to-this-project term, a “release candidate.” Players, please try it out and let me know of any issues you run into! You can download it from GitHub as usual. Continue reading

Plans for Strategic Primer in Ceylon

For a while now I’ve been excited about a new programming language, Ceylon. It’s designed to run on the Java Virtual Machine and be interoperable with Java, but to fix many of the faults of Java that I find most troubling, and introduce some new features I’ve often wished for. As soon as it becomes usable—which I hope will be with the release of the second milestone version of the Eclipse plugin—I plan to begin porting the Strategic Primer assistive programs to it. Here’s a few highlights of the features that make this so exciting for me: Continue reading