Best Books: The Harper Hall Trilogy

Dragonsinger coverThe next work on my list of books everyone should read is the Harper Hall trilogy by Anne McCaffrey, which consists of Dragonsong, Dragonsinger, and Dragondrums. Continue reading “Best Books: The Harper Hall Trilogy”


Best Books: Foundation

The next work on my list of books everyone should read is Foundation by Isaac Asimov.

As you may recall, the two criteria I use in evaluating whether a (fiction) book belongs on my list—whether everyone ought to read it, rather than (say) only “die-hard fans” of the genre—are its ability to “teach and delight.” To use Chaucer’s terms, whether it contains “sentence and solace.” To make the list, a book should be very enjoyable to read purely as a story. But it should also be “weighty,” helping a careful—or, better yet, even a casual—reader to grapple with the enduring issues of the time and of all time. Continue reading “Best Books: Foundation

Collected thoughts on Peter’s Angel

Peter's Angel coverOver the past couple of years, I’ve gotten to know the young author writing under the name Aubrey Hansen. I reviewed her debut novella, Red Rain, last July, and in September I promoted her latest, Peter’s Angel, sight-unseen on the day of its release. Now, five months later, having read it, reflected on it, and gone over much of it in some detail, it’s long past time for my review. Continue reading “Collected thoughts on Peter’s Angel