“Project 74”: A Treat For Fans of Red Rain

Project 74 coverIn my review of Red Rain, four years ago, I wrote that “There are, in my experience, only a few authors whose work makes me say, after only a sample, ‘I must read the rest of this!’ … but based on that first sample of Red Rain Aubrey Hansen is another. And once I had the book in my hands and started reading it, I had to keep going until I finished.”

With her second entry into the series she is calling “the Unaccepted,” a prequel novelette titled “Project 74,” much the same thing happened. Despite the disinclination I mentioned in my earlier review to reread Red Rain, and having never had any desire to read more about the characters or world of “the United,” after she sent me a copy (in exchange for an honest review, I hereby note and disclose) and I started reading, I could not set it down or look away without coming back to it no more than two minutes later to keep reading. Continue reading ““Project 74”: A Treat For Fans of Red Rain


Collected thoughts on Peter’s Angel

Peter's Angel coverOver the past couple of years, I’ve gotten to know the young author writing under the name Aubrey Hansen. I reviewed her debut novella, Red Rain, last July, and in September I promoted her latest, Peter’s Angel, sight-unseen on the day of its release. Now, five months later, having read it, reflected on it, and gone over much of it in some detail, it’s long past time for my review. Continue reading “Collected thoughts on Peter’s Angel

“A Celebratory Toast”

To her who leads us through the empty void
In hope, in searching for the living Word,
And spins a tale of what might once have been
Had history’s stream diverted from its course,
And tells of strange and fascinating worlds
That never were but teach what may yet be—
For her, in celebration and in joy
At her good news, we raise three gallant cheers!

Aubrey's avatarThis is dedicated to Miss Aubrey Hansen on the occasion of the release of her first full-length novel, Peter’s Angel, an event which I wrote about at the time. The beginning came to me as I was waiting to give blood earlier this week, and the rest followed in short order.

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Peter’s Angel

What if the Americans had lost the Revolutionary War?Peter's Angel cover

Besides being an interesting counter-factual question, though not one I’d thought to include in my planned ‘Alternate Universes’ subseries of the Shine Cycle, one possible answer provides the setting of Miss Aubrey Hansen‘s new novel Peter’s Angel, the first in a saga of the same name, which is released today. Continue reading Peter’s Angel