Sharing Policy

This page is the official explanation of my general policy on sharing the content I post on this blog. If I make an exception for a particular post, I’ll say so in that post, so otherwise please refer to this page.

  • If in doubt, or if you think I might wish to make an exception in your case, ask me.
  • Feel free to link to posts on this blog, share them on social networks, etc. This is highly encouraged.
    • If you link to me on your blog or elsewhere I’d appreciate a trackback or other notification of the link, so I can avoid breaking any of your links.
    • Please don’t claim any of it as your work; when you link or share, please give proper attribution.
  • If a post is a review of a book you wrote, or includes a review of a book you wrote (as in my periodic “reviews of recent books”), you may freely copy, share, and quote from my review.
    • Please credit me on full copies, but brief quotes may be credited or not at your discretion.
    • I would appreciate, but do not require, you to let me know when you quote from such a review elsewhere.
  • I do not object to personal archival copies. However, if you make personal archival copies, please do not distribute those copies.

  • I also do not object to the incidental electronic copies that are necessarily created by reading this blog on its web-page or by receiving it by email or in your blog reader, or in other similar cases that arise in the normal course of reading this blog.

  • Beyond such cases as those listed above, please do not copy my work without my prior explicit permission.

If you think any of this is unreasonable, or have any other thoughts, please comment or otherwise let me know.

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