Help Wanted

Several of my posts have asked for ideas or other help from my readers. This page is intended to serve as an up-to-date list of current needs.

Most generally, I need feedback—comments, criticism, suggestions, questions, or pretty much anything else—on my poetry, the background for my prose, and the rest of my work. (If you’d like to see my work before I post it here, including the prose that I will most likely never post here, I need “first readers”.) But I have identified many more specific items, including several for each of my major projects.

For the blog itself, if you see anything in need of maintenance, please let me know.

The Shine Cycle

There are several places in the the outline of the Shine Cycle, my fantasy series-in-preparation, where I need help either coming up with or working out the details of ideas:

Beyond the outline, I’d like to know how you would like to be portrayed if I were to write you into the Shine Cycle.

I mentioned above that I need “first readers” (also known as “beta readers”); I have some works that I’m particularly working on (or planning to work on) right now), and so could particularly use critique on:


I’ve posted enough poetry on this blog to fill a book (and then some!). While I have published one collection, which is available on Amazon in print and on Kindle, I’m considering a second, so I’d like your help picking my best work to go into such a collection. If the full archive looks too daunting, I also posted more manageable selections weekly for about a year and a half while preparing A Year in Verse.

Unwritten Programs

To work effectively, there are a few programs that I need that as far as I can see don’t yet exist. If you know of something that would meet even most or a few of my requirements, or have some ideas as to how I could go about writing such a program myself, please let me know. I maintain a list of these “unwritten programs” on their own Page

Strategic Primer

In addition, there are several things I need help with relating to Strategic Primer, my strategy game.

Can you help?


2 thoughts on “Help Wanted

  1. I’m not sure how much it would help, but I have a server of my own, running 24×7 you can have an account on for whatever. It’s OSX, and is running a VM of XP for my ventrilo voice server. I use it mostly for web design testing/development.


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