Comment Policy

Welcome, newcomers and longtime readers alike, to the Shine Cycle Online. To help foster quality discussion, I present my policy on comments. Everything here should be “common sense,” but most of these points are here because at some point I got a comment that violated that “common sense,” so please ensure that you are familiar with the following guidelines.

  • I read all comments, whether they eventually appear in public on the blog or not.
  • Comments relating to the topic of a post or Page are encouraged.
    • Spam comments are not, and obvious spam comments are always deleted. (While I do read all comments, I may merely skim what the spam filter has marked as spam if the number of comments there is at all large.)
    • “Pingbacks” from my own posts are always deleted; I may approve or delete trackbacks and pingbacks from other sites at my discretion.
    • I may approve or delete off-topic comments at my discretion.
    • “Flames”—vitriolic, abusive, generally substance-less comments—are likely to be deleted, even if related to the topic of discussion.
    • Comments are encouraged on most posts, even long after they were originally posted, though for topics I’ve returned to I prefer they be added to the most recent post they are most relevant to.
  • I am not able to move off-topic comments to more suitable posts.
    • Thus, I may approve them, or I may remove them, depending on the comment.
    • To ensure that your comment “goes through,” please attach it to the post it relates to, rather than the most recent post or some other post or Page you clicked on.
    • For utterly off-topic chatter, I encourage you to contact me directly as explained on the Contact Page, but that Page is as good a place as any if you must post such things as a comment.
  • To help prevent spam from appearing on the blog, comments from any reader who has not yet had a comment approved are held for moderation.
    • If on-topic (that is, relevant to the post), comments will be approved as soon as reasonable.
    • To ensure that you receive replies, please make sure to subscribe to further comments. (That may be the default for already-approved commenters, but it isn’t for first-time commenters.)
  • I try to reply promptly to nearly all substantive comments.
    • Inane comments (such as “5 stars!”) may not receive a reply.
    • I don’t insist on having the last word in back-and-forth conversations, so I may not reply to the last comment in a “thread.”
    • Finally, comments from regulars for which I can’t think of a suitable reply may go unanswered (I try to at least answer newcomers with a reply thanking them for stopping by)
    • Other than those cases, I do try to reply promptly to all comments.
  • Thoughtful comments are preferred, but not required.
    • As most of my poetry posts say in one wording or another, “I always earnestly welcome your comments, suggestions, questions, critique, or other feedback about this or any other part of my work. (In other words, if you like it, if you don’t like it, if something “works”, if something “doesn’t work”, if it makes you think of something or someone, etc., please comment and say so!)”
  • I of course reserve the right to edit comments as I see fit.
    • In practice I usually use this power to correct spelling errors, broken links, and the like.
    • However, I have also occasionally combined a series of comments to improve the visual flow of conversation.
  • My native language is English, and I can understand a little Spanish and Latin. If a comment is largely or entirely in any language other than English, especially if it is in a non-Roman alphabet, I may assume that it is spam and report it as such; in any case, I will most likely remove it as off-topic.

If you have something to say about the topic of a post, please say it!


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