Strategic Primer Map Checker User Documentation

One of the programs in my suite of “assistive programs” for players and Judges of Strategic Primer, my strategy game, is a simple utility to check a map file for errors. Today’s post documents the use of this useful little program. Continue reading “Strategic Primer Map Checker User Documentation”


Strategic Primer Subset Programs User Documentation

Over the last few years of the current campaign of Strategic Primer, I’ve occasionally had situations where I had a “world map” and players’ “known world” maps, but the latter weren’t quite right according to the former. I needed a way to find these discrepancies so I could fix them. So I wrote a program to test whether one map was a “strict subset” of another. Today’s post is documentation of—a “user’s guide” for—this tool. Continue reading “Strategic Primer Subset Programs User Documentation”

Strategic Primer exploration program user’s guide

In running a turn of Strategic Primer, one of the most time-consuming tasks is generating what an explorer has seen, and updating the player’s map with new information. To make this burden lighter, I’ve developed several programs to automate the most tedious parts of the procedure. And today, documentation of the current generation of exploration programs. Continue reading “Strategic Primer exploration program user’s guide”

Strategic Primer Worker Advancement User’s Guide

Several weeks ago I wrote a “user’s guide” for the Strategic Primer map viewer, which is the “flagship application” of my suite of “assistive programs” for players and Judges of Strategic Primer, the strategy game I’m developing. For the time being, the “worker advancement app” is the second program in the suite that most players will deal with most (after the map viewer), so this post is further basic user documentation to explain how to launch and use the worker advancement app. Continue reading “Strategic Primer Worker Advancement User’s Guide”