Strategic Primer Fourteenth Turn Summary

The current campaign of Strategic Primer recently, finally, finished its fourteenth turn. This was the last turn of the game-world year. Today’s post summarizes the turn, as much as we can without revealing the players’ secrets. Continue reading “Strategic Primer Fourteenth Turn Summary”

Strategic Primer Issue Tracker for Rules/Mechanics Questions

[2019 update: The campaign is still going, but content relating to it—particularly older posts—on this blog has been neglected, and when a new Strategic Primer specific blog was started, this post was revised and expanded to a post on the new blog.]

As the current campaign of Strategic Primer has gone on, with the game’s aim of allowing players to “do the unexpected”, players have repeatedly come up with ideas that I hadn’t thought of before.

Occasionally the right way to handle a new idea flows directly, immediately and obviously, from the rules and game mechanics I’ve already established, from my memory of other games I have played or read about, or from my understanding of the item or system in the real world that corresponds to the idea.

More often, I don’t immediately leap to an answer that seems correct, but after discussing it with players, I come to some sort of reasonable answer. However, sometimes this discussion stretches out (given intermittent attention) over months or even years. And since these conversations often take place in comment threads alongside drafts of players’ strategies, it’s quite likely that some questions to which I said at the time nothing more definitive than “I’ll have to think about that” have simply gotten forgotten since then. Continue reading “Strategic Primer Issue Tracker for Rules/Mechanics Questions”

Strategic Primer 2015 Review, 2016 Goals

This week, with the turning of another civil year, I am again as usual looking back and forward. Since I looked at the year on this blog at the end of the Church year, including a summary of Strategic Primer-related posts, this week I’m checking up on the goals I set a year ago, and setting new goals for 2016. This began with a progress review and new slate of goals for the Shine Cycle on Monday, and today I’ll look at Strategic Primer, the strategy game I’ve been developing in one form or another for many years. Continue reading “Strategic Primer 2015 Review, 2016 Goals”

Resource Modeling in Strategic Primer

As I wait for the players of the current campaign of Strategic Primer to finish their strategies for the current turn, I’ve spent some time adding support for resources and equipment in the map to the map viewer. Today I’d like to briefly discuss how the map represents these things, what this means for players, and how I’d like to further improve this support in the future. Continue reading “Resource Modeling in Strategic Primer”