Future History: The Third World War: Causes and Effects

In the future history of our world that will underlie the “Game of Life” sub-series of my Shine Cycle, I’ve developed events primarily based on “trends” that either are extensions of patterns I see in the present and past or are (rarely) required for the stories I feel called to tell. But today’s topic is an event that, despite recent historical trends, I fear is all but inevitable: a third World War. Continue reading “Future History: The Third World War: Causes and Effects”

Future History: Genetic Engineering

In the future history of our world that will underlie the “Game of Life” sub-series of my Shine Cycle, most of the “trends” I have mentioned so far are prompted by patterns I see in the present and the past and think likely to continue in the future. Today’s topic is one that I include primarily because of the needs of the story I feel called to tell—a story I briefly introduced a few weeks ago. Continue reading “Future History: Genetic Engineering”

The New Roman Empire

In a post last year I described a society for part of the universe of the Shine Cycle that I labeled “The New Roman Empire.” In the comments on that post, a reader objected that almost any name would have been more likely to be adopted by the people of that society than the one I gave it—and, once I’ve taken the time to think, he’s quite right. So I’ve decided to rework those ideas under some new name, and to give the “New Roman Empire” name to a different society—which is today’s topic. Continue reading “The New Roman Empire”

Shine Cycle Setting: Sea Shield Isle

The Sea Shield Isle is a large island many miles to the east of the Sunshine Kingdom. It is an important port for the limited trade between the two continents and the world to the east, the site of a small mages’ academy, and the setting of some important (planned) scenes in Universe. Today’s post is a look at its geography, its population, and the reasons for its importance to the events of the books in which it appears. Continue reading “Shine Cycle Setting: Sea Shield Isle”

The Rivers Kingdom

The Rivers Kingdom is a comparatively small country in the west-central region of the Wild Continent in the world of the Shine Cycle, as you can see on the map (remember that this map has south at the top and west to the right). Because it’s the setting of much of one of the planned books I plan to talk about in the next few months, today I’d like to briefly describe this country. Continue reading “The Rivers Kingdom”