Nonsense Questions: A Thought-Experiment

Along much the same lines as a previous thought-experiment:

Suppose you worked in the office of the city clerk of a large and bustling city—so large, in fact, that it was a full-time job just to handle applications for parade permits. Continue reading “Nonsense Questions: A Thought-Experiment”


Responsibility: A Second Thought Experiment

Here’s a thought experiment that may shed a little light on current political disputes.

Suppose that the political events of the last six years had gone very much the other way, and arguably, if you like, more so: Continue reading “Responsibility: A Second Thought Experiment”

Jurisdiction: A thought experiment

I had intended to post this sometime in the next couple of months, and something different today, but between the lack of time to write what I’d originally planned and the amount of political rhetoric filling the blogosphere of late, I’ve changed that plan. So. In discussing the various issues that are so politically charged of late, consider the following thought experiment:

Suppose the Texas legislature—or for that matter the UN General Assembly, the US Congress, or even the Michigan state legislature—passed a law, or the courts in any of those jurisdictions decreed, that the capital of Michigan is Minneapolis, or Timbuktu. Continue reading “Jurisdiction: A thought experiment”

Matters of Definition: Issues of Society and Politics

There are several issues, currently “hot-buttons,” on which the Left has managed to convince the media and a substantial segment of the population that theirs is the only reasonable position by assuming and arguing from false definitions. I’d like to take a look at some of these issues, beginning with better, proper, definitions, today. Continue reading “Matters of Definition: Issues of Society and Politics”