Hymn: “O God, our Help in ages past”

Continuing my series on great old hymns, today I’d like to focus our attention on another familiar (and so much-neglected nowadays in my experience) favorite. Continue reading


Hymn: “All glory, laud, and honor”

Continuing my series on great old hymns, since tomorrow is Palm Sunday, I decided to focus our attention today on a hymn about the Triumphal Entry. I covered my favorite Palm Sunday hymn four years ago, and another particularly suitable text the previous Advent, but this is also a favorite hymn, and unlike “Hosanna, loud hosanna” (which only dates to 1873) this is actually an old hymn (the Latin more than a thousand years older than that). Continue reading

Hymn: “I sing th’almighty power of God”

My church is going to have the first sessions of its annual “Creation Conference” this evening. So I thought it would be particularly fitting to resume my series on great old hymns with one that is not only a good age in hymn terms, and not only a favorite from my childhood, but also aptly describes God’s power and detailed care shown to and in his creation. Continue reading

Hymn: “Come, ye faithful”

John of Damascus, author of the original from which this hymn was translated

Eastertide is my favorite season of the Christian year. (Though that’s a hard choice to make, as I like all the others as well.) So it’s an additional pleasure to know that there are many truly excellent hymns for Easter and the Easter season. Last year in the Octave of Easter I wrote about one of my favorites, but today I’d like to continue this series with a brief discussion of another Easter hymn I like very much. Continue reading