Best Books? (Book Reviews)

In late 2009 I began a list of books I thought everyone should read, whether for edification or mere enjoyment, and continued with three more posts over the next year or so. Then, in the autumn of 2010, I began covering the subject more gradually, explaining for each book on the list why I think it belongs there. This page is an index of this series, which will (eventually) be updated as new posts appear. I also list other book-review-related posts below.

First, the original posts giving the list:

The reprise:

I’ve also written other book (more-or-less) reviews:

A couple of posts, which I called “review[s] of ‘recent’ books,” briefly covered my thoughts on books I’d read somewhat recently:

  • The first talked about Life of Pi, The Thirteenth Child, The Wolf of Tebron, and Auralia’s Colors.
  • The second, much more extensive, talked about To Say Nothing of the Dog, The Alloy of Law, The Last Centurion, Firmament: Radialloy, Magic and Malice, The Windrider Saga, two Charles Williams collections, The Practice Effect, The Squire’s Tale, Captain Vorpatril’s Alliance, A Memory of Light, Aquasynthesis, and Imager.

And a couple of other related posts:


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