2019 Second-Quarter Goals Review

Back in April, I set goals for the second quarter of the year after reviewing the first quarter. Because I knew the training program I had recently entered would demand the overwhelming majority of my time for at least the next ten weeks, I cut my plans back from what I had originally envisioned back in January even further. Now that the second quarter has come to an end (and I have a day off), here’s a look at how I’ve managed to do compared to those much-reduced goals, and some new goals for the third quarter. Continue reading “2019 Second-Quarter Goals Review”


2019 First-Quarter Goals Review

At the end of 2018, after looking back over my performance on my miscellaneous goals for that year, I set goals for the first quarter of this year. And with that quarter now over for more than a week, while I’m so busy lately I have little time to spare, I’ve now taken a few minutes to look back over the first quarter to see how well I managed to keep up with the goals I set. Continue reading “2019 First-Quarter Goals Review”

Pre-Birthday Musings and Anticipation

So tomorrow is my birthday. At this time of year (as most of the time), I have tended to look back with regret to happy times gone by and on all that I might have but did not accomplish (and indeed what I wrote at this time last year is still true), but I now have a positive, if somewhat daunting, change to look forward to in my nearly-immediate future:

I have accepted an offered paid-training position with a “train-and-hire” or “talent incubator” company that will require me to move to the Washington, DC, area for three months, and should God provide that all goes well wherever one of its clients needs me soon thereafter. Continue reading “Pre-Birthday Musings and Anticipation”

Shine Cycle 2018 Goals Review, 2019 First Quarter Goals

As the civil year comes to a close, I have been considering how the last year has gone and what I want to achieve in the coming months, starting with a pure retrospective on Strategic Primer on Wednesday and continuing with my “miscellaneous” goals for the year that was and the coming quarter on SaturdayA. Today, I’m turning at last to consider whether I met my goals for the Shine Cycle, my fantasy series-in-preparation, and to set out my goals in that quarter for the next three months. Continue reading “Shine Cycle 2018 Goals Review, 2019 First Quarter Goals”

2018 Goals Review, 2019 First Quarter Goals

As the civil year draws to a close, I’m again taking the opportunity to review the year that was and set new goals for the coming months. I looked back over my 2018 goals for Strategic Primer on Wednesday, and will turn to the Shine Cycle on Monday; today, everything else. As I mentioned on Wednesday, unlike past years, today I’m only going to set new goals for the first quarter of 2019, but before I get to those, a look at the goals I set for myself a year ago. Continue reading “2018 Goals Review, 2019 First Quarter Goals”