The Shine Cycle, my planned series of mythopoeic fantasy novels, is of such grand scope that it’s easy to get lost. So I’ve made several posts giving a high-level overview of the plot of the saga as a whole, and a series introducing each planned volume briefly.

The general outline included:

The series of “précis”, or brief introductions, to each planned entry in the saga has so far included:

  • An introductory post.
  • In the first arc:
    • Vayna, the tale of the foundation of the world in which the cycle is largely set.
    • The Dragon Wars, covering the transition between the beginning and the mortal era.
    • Anarchy, chronicling a turbulent time in the Sunshine Kingdom, which has at that point yet to step onto the world stage.
    • The Dragon Returns, in which the evil Dragon Empire ceases to strive against the immortal Vaynar of Vaynaheim and turns its ambitions toward the world of Men.
    • A summary of my plans for the “Alternate Universes” sub-series, the first planned digression from the “main line” of the story. These will be largely set in alternate histories.
    • Sunshine Civil War, in which the Sunshine Kingdom overthrows a tyrant, despite the intervention of the Dragon Empire, and takes its place on the world stage.
  • In the second arc:
  • In the third arc:
    • In Stone of Power, a young woman must carry the Master Seeing-Stone to its destruction while her Companions wage a war of diversion.
    • In The Adventure of the Suspended Rose, a famous detective is brought from Victorian-era England and must learn to adapt to the modern Shine and Wild Empire in time to solve, and if possible prevent, a string of murders that would baffle any lesser sleuth.
    • “The Adventure of the Royal Wedding”: The detective is asked to investigate the theft of classified documents from the Ministry of Intelligence, but the case soon becomes something else entirely.
    • In Desperate Times, the detective must unmask several spies to prevent the Parliament from declaring war before the Empire is ready—and his new, competent, assistant has been called to other duties.
    • An Internal Conflict: “Everything had gone to pieces”—and, Persephone Royal now realized, it could all be traced to her inaction. Given another chance, the “second time around” her path through the Academy and beyond will be quite different.
    • In A Calculated Wager, which takes place at about the same time as the end of An Internal Conflict, in the King’s absence his regent must guide the Empire through the first years of war.
    • Further stories tell of a campaign in an isolated universe.

I have also written précis of some planned stories from the subseries mentioned above:

  • The “Game of Life” sub-series, set in our world’s future history:
    • The Invasion: When an invader from another planet steals the new werewolf genome and unleashes magic on the world, a survivalist linguist must study that forgotten art to unlock her powers as a mage and stop his plan of global conquest.
    • The Alliance: When Gondolor returns to Earth, seeking to resume his plans of world conquest amid a population that doubts his earlier visit even happened, apprentice mage Alice Hansen, also known as Alatumbra, and new allies must travel to England and journey through mythic settings to recapture him.
    • The Counter: Warned that Gondolor is again returning for revenge, Alice Hansen must prepare her country’s small space navy to prevent the enemy fleet from reaching Earth’s surface.
    • The Cross: When Gondolor again returns to Earth, while he is recaptured quickly, journeyman mage Alice Hansen must counter his propaganda and convince the local population of the truth before they decide to become a client state of his evil empire.
    • The Invention: When Gondolor returns to Earth for revenge just as an inventor is demonstrating a revolutionary military gadget, journeyman mage Alice Hansen must capture him before he can make off with the technology and turn the tide in the wider war.
    • The Covenant: When the U.S. and other nations formally ally themselves with the Light, and Gondolor tries to stir up dissension in advance of his next invasion, Alice Hansen must hold the alliance together until reinforcements arrive.
    • The Legion: When the battle lines of the wider interstellar war near Earth, Alice Hansen leads troops from Earth to the front to keep the enemy’s devastation away from her home world.
    • The Convergence: When several enemy fleets converge on Earth, Alice Hansen must organize the system’s defenses to repel them.
    • The Harbor: Alice Hansen must prevent Gondolor from sabotaging or otherwise destroying Earth’s space “harbor” and its allied fleets.
    • The Calling: Alice Hansen must prevent Gondolor from suborning any of Earth’s mages, now “coming of age,” in his final attempt for revenge for previous humiliating defeats there.
  • The “World’s End” sub-series, set near the end of our world’s history:
    • Title Unknown: In the far future, when enemy mages send an asteroid ahead of their fleet to collide with the Earth, a shy pilot must lead a group of fringe scientists to destroy the asteroid and defend the planet.
    • Revelation: After Earth was evacuated and seemingly destroyed, when a team of mages finds it was all a hoax and discovers isolated communities that didn’t evacuate, they must clean up the aftermath and prepare the survivors for integration into the wider society as the Millennium nears.
  • The “Alternate Universes” sub-series, set mostly in alternate-history settings:

I’ll try to keep this listing updated as more précis are posted.


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