This is a list, which I intend to keep up-to-date, of the poems I’ve posted on this blog, with some (but not all) of the editorial content. (At present they will be listed in order of appearance here, though I could easily be swayed to alphabetical or thematic organization.)

I welcome and eagerly desire nearly any sort of feedback on my work; suggestions for real titles for those poems which are currently using (some fraction of) their first lines would be particularly helpful. Because this archive has grown so large as to be unwieldy and somewhat intimidating, I posted more manageable selections each week from September 2009 until January 2013.

A Year in Verse coverAbout sixty of these poems appear in my self-published collection A Year in Verse, which I finished in December 2014 and is available in paperback and on Amazon Kindle. In the collection, each poem is paired with a public-domain engraving or line drawing, much like I’ve used freely-licensed or public domain paintings with the poems on this blog.

The poems I’ve posted, in order of appearance, are:


3 thoughts on “Poetry

  1. About this:

    Merlin to Geneveve at the Coronation of Arthur: A poem from my Arthurian cycle that doesn’t quite belong.

    Belong to what?

    About this:

    Banner Patriotism is good, but we do not owe our flag our highest allegiance.

    Is this too much said?


    Merlin Before Guinevere: Merlin’s last farewell to Arthur’s queen.

    (comment necessary)

    Merlin’s Rebuke of Morgause Merlin warns Morgause of the results of her folly.

    (comment unnecessary)

    Taliesin on the Occasion of his Knighthood

    (no comment given/no comment necessary)

    Hope this is helpful, Jonathan!

    Too much given:

    Taliesin in the Rose Garden: An encounter with Guinevere in a rose garden overlooking Camelot.

    How you might limit/improve your comment:

    Taliesin in the Rose Garden: An encounter with Guinevere

    Talk to you later, Jonathan!
    Lord bless you as you work with elements to create your book!


    1. (As you can see, I combined your comments into one.)

      In re “Merlin to Geneveve”: It “doesn’t really fit” a couple of things: the nominal occasion, into my Arthurian cycle at all, and (less relevantly to this list) in my work as I’m trying to make it suitable for public consumption. As I said in that post:

      because I’ve since thought better of placing the character I’ve named Geneveve in that series, this doesn’t really fit the nominal occasion anyway, and it’s even more deliberately-obscure than usual for me, I’ve hesitated to post it in its current form.

      For the others: Part of the purpose of the text accompanying the links on this page is to remind me (or others familiar with my work) of which poem is under which title, and another part of its purpose is to encourage interest in the poems more than a (very long) bare list of links does. So a little “unnecessary” repetitiveness does no harm, and can be better than leaving a long segment of the list with no commentary at all—and there are far too many such stretches in this list already—especially if it allows me to be slightly more picturesque or informative in the description than I was in the title.


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