Writing status update (#51)

It’s now been two months, instead of the one I intended, since I last reported on my progress in developing the Shine Cycle, so I’m long overdue. And while this neglect is all too typical of both the last few weeks and the last several years, these last weeks have shown some definite improvement.

Two months ago, in my quarterly check of my goals for the year, I also set out goals for the next month.

  • Make consistent progress: I’ll count this as a success if each week I accomplish 17 “points” in my task tracker.

For July, I fell far short of this. But I’ve met and exceeded it throughout August so far.

  • Finish “snowflake step 6” for The Invasion: expanding the “one-page synopsis” into a “multi-page synopsis.”

I finished this in early July.

  • For “snowflake step 7′ for The Invasion, create “character charts” for at least five characters.

In the two months, I’ve managed six, but I hadn’t finished the second by the end of July. So I’m making good progress, but not as much as I’d hoped.

  • Create at least one character history.

I’ve “sketched out” one character’s history, but haven’t pinned down dates and written the story into my more-permanent notes yet. So this is, two months on, finally “in progress.” I expect to finish this one character history this week.

In my other writing, I finally finished a poem I’ve been working on for months (which will appear in this space later this week), and I’m making good progress on my preparations for a second poetry collection (about which more, also later this week). But other than the above, I’ve accomplished very little.

Now, for the coming month, here’s what I hope to accomplish for the Shine Cycle, God willing:

  • Remember to write a quarterly goals check at the end of September
  • For “snowflake step 7” for The Invasion, create “character charts” for all remaining major characters.
  • Make consistent progress: I’ll count this as a success if each week I accomplish 21 “points” in my task tracker, though I’m hoping to average more like twice that.
  • Get at least a quarter of the way into my by-scene outline (six of the 24 “sequences” or equivalent currently identified)
  • Write at least three character histories.

But God alone knows what will happen over the next month.


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