Writing status update (#49)

Because of the way the calendar has fallen it hasn’t been a month since my last report on my progress developing the Shine Cycle, but it’s been four weeks, so it’s time to give an update.

In the past weeks, I have, as I had hoped, managed steady and consistent progress, if not as much as I had wished. And, consistent with that general sense of the period, I met some but not all of the goals I set for the period:

  • Make consistent progress: I’ll count this as a success if each week I accomplish 15 “points” in my task tracker.

Success. 21, 23, 18, and 20.

  • Finish “snowflake step 5” for The Invasion, which means (by the current plan) creating “character synopses” for eight more characters.
  • As a good start on “snowflake step 6,” get through the first paragraph of the “one-page” synopsis that I will be expanding into a “multi-page” synopsis.

These, on the other hand, remained stubbornly out of reach. I finished “character synopses” for all but two of the characters, but didn’t get to those two yet, and thus haven’t even started on the multi-page synopsis.

  • Create “motivation summaries” for at least two characters.

Done. But only two, not more.

  • Write personal histories of at least two characters.

I counted it something of a victory to finally finish the one character history this past week. But one is still fewer than two.

Now, for the next month or so, here’s what I think that, God willing, I can accomplish:

  • Maintain consistent progress, at least 18 “points” every week in my task tracker, and at the point I’m checking my progress a four-week average of at least 21.
  • Finish “snowflake step 5” for The Invasion by creating the last two “character synopses.”
  • Do “snowflake step 6” for The Invasion: convert each of the four paragraphs of the “one-page” synopsis” into “a page.”
  • For “snowflake step 7” of The Invasion, create a “character chart” for at least one character.
  • Write personal histories of at least two characters.

We shall see.


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