Writing status update (#48)

Another month has flown by since the quarterly goals check that functioned as my last monthly report on my progress developing the Shine Cycle, so it’s time for an update on the last few weeks, which have seen a near-return to what I consider normal progress.

The demands of classwork have abated, and perhaps for the first time this year I managed almost consistent forward progress on Shine Cycle development these past weeks. Not quite as much as I had hoped, let alone as much as I would like, but unlike far too many months, this was not a period with one quite-productive week and three in which I accomplished nothing.

Of the three fairly-minimal goals I set at the beginning of April, I managed to meet two and get half-way to the third.

  • Finish “snowflake step 4” for The Invasion.

Done, in the first week, as I expected.

  • For “snowflake step 5” for The Invasion, create “character synopses” of at least two characters.

I completed one, and made a good start but did not finish a second.

  • Write at least one character history.

And done, but only the one. (Though I also created two characters’ “motivation summaries.”)

For the next few weeks, I expect less of my time and creativity will be drained by other things, so I’ll set less-minimal goals. However, I again shouldn’t spend too much time on the Shine Cycle, so I’ll restrain my ambition for the time being. Here’s what I hope to accomplish in the next four weeks, God willing:

  • Make consistent progress: I’ll count this as a success if each week I accomplish 15 “points” in my task tracker.
  • Finish “snowflake step 5” for The Invasion, which means (by the current plan) creating “character synopses” for eight more characters.
  • As a good start on “snowflake step 6,” get through the first paragraph of the “one-page” synopsis that I will be expanding into a “multi-page” synopsis.
  • Create “motivation summaries” for at least two characters.
  • Write personal histories of at least two characters.

We shall see.


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