2017 Goals First Quarter Report: Strategic Primer

It’s April already, and since one of my goals for 2017 was to “After each quarter, assess progress and note any necessary amendments to goals in a blog post,” this week I’m going over my goals for the year to see how my progress so far compares. On Monday I looked over my progress on the Shine Cycle; today, a look at what’s happened with Strategic Primer.

The same things that consumed time and, especially, sapped motivation from work on the Shine Cycle also affected Strategic Primer. I also didn’t get much “feature development” done on the assistive programs because I started porting them to Ceylon in late January, as “something mildly productive to do to relax” that, at first, didn’t require much thought or energy while I was sick. This port is almost complete, but I’m hesitant to push it out to users as a replacement for the Java version because it isn’t quite a drop-in replacement yet, and more importantly there are still a few bugs in the tooling that I’m having to work around that make testing my work to make sure it’s right difficult. (And I don’t think there have been any even minimally significant changes outside the branch where I’ve been doing that port, which is the other reason why I haven’t made a new snapshot release.)

That said, here are the goals I set back at the beginning of the year:


For the campaign:

  • Goal: Finish at least three turns, including the present fifteenth turn, in the current campaign.

This is looking increasingly unlikely. Two might be possible, but I doubt we’ll manage three.

  • Stretch Goal: (Successfully) recruit at least one more player to join the campaign.

I still think this is unlikely, but we’ll see.

Assistive Programs Development

  • Goal: Implement, or definitively decide against, at least a quarter (i.e. at least four) of the items in the most recent “roadmap”
  • Stretch Goal: Implement, or definitively decide against, at least half (eight) of those items.

Of those items, I had implemented four by the time I got sick, so the “goal” is technically complete. I don’t want to promote the “stretch goal” to a “goal,” though, because what’s left is mostly ideas that have stayed on the list because they’re not immediately tractable.

  • Goal: Implement changesets.

This is similarly not something I immediately see how to implement, so I rate it as “possible but not all that likely.”


  • Goal: Get the new blog set up and publicly visible, with at least thirteen posts (scheduled) on it, by the end of the year.
  • Stretch Goal: Have at least twenty-six posts (scheduled) on the new blog by the end of the year.

I did a little bit on this in mid-January, converting a couple of old posts from this blog into what will become one on the new blog, but haven’t touched it since.

  • Goal: Finish my initial pass through the advance database estimating advance difficulty and listing (immediately obvious) dependencies.
  • Stretch Goal: Finish my pass through the old advance database, translating its advances into the current database.

I haven’t touched either of those since last year.

So, to sum up, except for porting the assistive programs to Ceylon (which I had not planned to do this year) and some work on the campaign that hasn’t reached a milestone yet, Strategic Primer basically stalled during the first quarter. As befits a lower-priority project when other demands on my time increased unexpectedly and my available energy shrank, but somehwat disappointing for my hopes of finishing sub-projects to simplify my life without abandoning something. We’ll see what the next quarter holds.


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