Year-end summary

As tomorrow is the First Sunday of Advent, this is the last day of the year on the Christian liturgical calendar, and so this week’s posts have looked back over what has happened on this blog in the last year. Monday I summarized posts related to the Shine Cycle, and Wednesday I briefly reviewed those relating to Strategic Primer; today we’ll look briefly over all the other posts that have appeared in this space since last year.

The “miscellaneous essays” and “poetry” sides of the blog were fairly quiet this year, but there were just enough posts that I feel I had better organize them topically rather than by date.

Software Releases

In addition to my not-quite-monthly releases of new versions of the Strategic Primer map viewer and associated apps, this year I collected, prepared for release, and announced two collections of utility scripts:

  • First, a fairly large set of miscellaneous scripts that I called “the Lovelace utilities” for lack of a better name. There’s not quite eighty scripts that I wrote and thirty I found in various places on the Internet, and about five thousand lines of code in all. Basically, I put my ~/bin under version control and shared it with the world.
  • Second, the scripts and \LaTeX code I wrote to publish my poetry collection in print and e-book formats from \LaTeX and Markdown source.

Story Ideas

I wrote twice about story ideas I was “putting up for adoption.” I did the same with a few ideas last year (though I listed them in last year’s Shine Cycle retrospective), then continued with these two. There may yet be a few more in the future; we’ll see.


A few posts (other than poems, which I’ll get to shortly) marked particular times of year.

Book Review

Aubrey Hansen published a novelette in March, and offered me a free e-copy in exchange for a review; I obliged.


I posted fifteen poems in the last year. That’s more than three times as many as the previous year, and I almost managed a steady pace of two poems each month.

  • Almost half of the poems were Psalm settings, continuing my series: Psalms 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13.
  • This fall was the tenth year since my sophomore year at Calvin College, in which I was drawn into “the fam” and met some dear friends in Latin class. I wrote poems to commemorate each of these: “Hodie decennis” (which despite its title and my best efforts is entirely in English) to mark the anniversary of our first Latin class, and “A Welcome Remembered” for the month that, ten years ago, I was dragged into fellowship.
  • This was also eleven years since I graduated from high school; after our ten-year reunion last year I began a poem, but I finished and posted it early this year.
  • I wrote “Last Words”, an expansion and meditation on the Seven Words from the Cross, and “If Jesus is alive” to mark Good Friday and Easter, respectively.
  • “Acceptance” is a (for once not drawn from specifics of my life) expression of resigned and tearful blessing at a beloved’s marriage.
  • “Despair” is a poem-prayer about unanswered prayer.
  • “The Traveler” begins by echoing Tolkien’s “The Road Goes Ever On,” and goes on from there.
  • Finally, I wrote “Deo gratias”, posted yesterday, for the occasion of Thanksgiving Day.

And that was all. Last year I wrote

I hope to post more regularly, and at greater length, in this coming year (starting by marking Advent, if I can think of something).

I hope to manage at least twenty poems in the coming year, but I won’t make any predictions or goals otherwise. This time, however, I do have an idea for how to mark Advent.


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