Shine Cycle year-end summary

This coming Sunday is the First Sunday of Advent, the start of a new year on the Church calendar, so as in past years I’m taking this last week of the liturgical year to look back over the past year’s posts on this blog. (I’ll do a look back over the year outside of the blog, to reflect on how I did on the goals I set last year and set new ones for 2017, at the end of the civil year.) Today we begin with a look at posts related to the Shine Cycle since last year’s summary. Unlike the last couple of years, I’m not combining this with a monthly writing-status update; that was last week.


For the past few years I’ve been posting précis of, or “brief introductions” to, the stories that are planned for the Shine Cycle. I began posting them in 2011, and posting about monthly I finished my coverage of “the main line” of the series’ planned stories in early 2014. But I had intended to give the same treatment to the planned stories that will be in “sub-series,” so after one précis (of the story that’s the most developed) in mid-2014, I began writing and posting these précis monthly in October of last year. To my surprise, I managed to keep to the every-four-weeks schedule (with the sole exception of last December, when, I think, the year-end goal-setting posts pushed everything back two weeks) all year. (I’d like to publicly and pointedly thank my friend who writes as Aubrey Hansen for her encouragement and help in developing these ideas and coming up with titles, without which this blog progress would not have happened and the Shine Cycle’s development would be in far worse shape.)

The précis posted in the past year were:

I have these queued up through next August, finishing out all of the planned “sub-series” of the Shine Cycle; after that, I may post a retrospective index post and leave this category to end, or I may write précis for stories that recent revisions to my plans have split out of previously-covered material that was too large and unfocused.

Character Profiles

I’ve been posting profiles of characters who will have parts to play in the Shine Cycle for as long as I’ve been posting material about the Shine Cycle on this blog, and I continued to do so this year as I had material to post, though not more than one profile every four weeks. The profiles I posted this year were:

In the coming year, I will continue to post character profiles when I have material, but most characters whose profiles are lacking only a single section are lacking their personal history in the world of the Shine Cycle, which is the section that takes the most time and concentrated thought to create, so I would not be surprised if I don’t manage more than eight.


In the last week of December, I looked back over 2015 and set goals for 2016. As I wrote above, I’ll consider how 2016 compared to those goals at the same time this year, next month.

I tried to write a “status update” post each month, describing how progress went in the past month and set goals for the next; I didn’t manage every month, but I’m in fact quite surprised to see that I managed eleven in the past twelve months. The most recent was last week.

Unlike previous years and despite my hopes and plans, the above were all the Shine Cycle-related posts in the past year. I had hoped to have some worldbuilding posts, but other tasks have kept me distracted from the material I’m working to distill into a format suitable for posting here.

Later this week, I’ll continue my year-end retrospectives with one on Strategic Primer on Wednesday and one on poetry and other posts that related to neither that nor the Shine Cycle on Saturday. I will also post my annual Thanksgiving meditation on Thursday.


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