Writing status update (#42)

It’s now been about two months since my last report on recent development of the Shine Cycle, my fantasy series-in-preparation. The lack of an “update” post has been due more to the difficulty of adjusting to a new and busy schedule than a total slump, which more usually explains such an unplanned hiatus, though productivity did slip some.

Here are the goals I had set for the first half (or so) of this period, when I gave my last report at the end of July:

  • Create, and schedule to run on this blog, précis of at least eight Alternate Universes stories.

In the extended period, I did ten. (Which will appear in this space in due course.) There is only one already-somewhat-developed story left, with two more minimal ideas that I’ll write précis of if I can come up with workable concepts, but file away instead if not.

I should mention that without the help of my friend who writes as Aubrey Hansen in coming up with titles for several of these alternate-history stories, many of the précis would be sitting on my hard drive waiting for titles instead of being already scheduled to appear here in the coming months. Thank you, Aubrey!

  • Create at least nine character biographies. (As before, if a character’s name comes up and I already have one for that character, I’ll look over it and consider revising, but count that as creation for the purpose of this count.)

In the extended period, I wrote seventeen of these. What’s more, for one of those characters, I already had all the other pieces for his profile written, so I could assemble it and schedule it to run on the blog in a few months.

  • Write a “character logline” or “motivation summary” for at least three characters.

Seven in the extended period.


Done, and beyond to the point I think I would have expected for the extended period: I’m now a little less than half-way through it.

  • Write at least a hundred words of “actual prose”: an opening page for the first Reignalmia story would be one idea.

For once, I did write a little “actual prose,” which came to 130 words.

Here’s what I’d like to finish in the next month or so:

  • Create, and schedule to run on this blog, the last précis.
  • As part of “snowflake outlining,” following the guidelines for that process, create profiles of all major characters in Stone of Power, Title Unknown, Space and Time, Third Empire, and The Invasion.
  • Create “character loglines” or “motivation summaries” for at least three characters.
  • Do at least some outlining of the Reignalmia sub-series.
  • Write at least one character biography.
  • Write at least one character history.
  • Reduce the length of the part of my answers to the “Wrede questions” not yet incorporated into “background essays” (future blog posts) by at least 15%. (It currently stands at just under 1500 lines and about 36,000 words.)
  • Write at least a hundred words of “actual prose.”

We’ll see.


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