Shine Cycle Character Profile: Emerald

This is the next in the series of profiles of characters who will appear in the Shine Cycle, my fantasy-series-in-preparation.

Emerald – Great-mage, prophet, and a senior aide to the King in the Imperial Service. One of the greatest Powers of Prophecy the Empire has ever seen, and able to use her precognitive abilities to improve her mastery of other areas of the Power.

A somewhat tall fair-haired woman. She favors long, billowing robes, usually in a deep color or black and embroidered in white.

Mages with prophetic, not merely slightly precognitive, gifts are often very content with their circumstances and to live peacefully in one place for nearly all their lives. Emerald is one of the exceptions to that rule: even more than nearly all of the Chosen, she has shown ambition, restlessness, and curiosity, which have combined to drive her to heights of metaphysical skill, then to wander across the Empire for decades, and then led her to one of the most respected advisory posts in the Empire.

After finally settling in the capital, she spends most of her time in one library or another preparing background material to support the advice she gives. Another large proportion of her time is spent writing letters of advice, usually but not always after having been asked for it, and nearly all of the remainder of her working days is spent in meetings with the King, his court, or his other advisors. Several evenings a week she enjoys watching theatrical productions and musical performances.

Emerald’s metaphysical potential, both for applied metaphysics in general and for prophetic foresight, was discerned very soon after her arrival. Because of this, she was quickly guided into the College of Mages, where she spent her first decade in the Empire studying and then also teaching as a novice, journeyman, and master, until she achieved recognition as a great-mage.

After leaving the College of Mages, she moved across the capital to the Academy, where she studied additional subtleties of the Power and taught a few students for five years. Following that, she began an extended tour of the Empire in search of yet more knowledge and experience, which she continued for several decades.

When she heard that a new group of mages had been founded in the capital, she returned there and joined the group, adding her power, skill, and consequence to its undertakings. And only a few years after her return, she accepted a position in the Imperial Service as an adviser to the King, officially on his staff; she was given her seniority in the Service seven years later.


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