Writing status update (#41)

The four weeks since my last report on recent development of the Shine Cycle, my fantasy series-in-preparation have been anything but consistent, but I do have some progress to report.

In addition to exhaustion and ordinary distraction, this past month included my family’s annual trip to the “Non-Electrical Musical Funfest” put on by the Original Dulcimer Players Club in Evart, MI, which disrupted routines, made it impossible for me to work on a few of the tasks on my list, and (as travel so often does) left me more exhausted than before the trip began. But that still left some weeks in which, with God’s help, I managed to be quite productive.

And speaking of those goals, here’s how I did with them:

  • Create at least six character biographies.

I managed nine.

  • Check at least four existing précis against more recent development to see if they need to be revised.


  • Create, and schedule to run on this blog, précis of at least two Alternate Universes stories.

I didn’t get to this; these tasks are stacked up at the top of my task queue.

I assigned POV for all of both “Dracon Heights” and Third Empire.

  • Create a logline and do “snowflake step 2” for Third Empire.


  • Write a “character logline” or “motivation summary” for at least four characters.


  • Write at least a hundred words of “actual prose.”

While I wrote a letter that amassed forty times that many words while I was at Evart, my hope and plan to get some fictional-prose writing done there didn’t come to pass.

Now, for the next four weeks. Here are my goals, calibrated from what my task tracker thinks I’ll get to so as to ensure I don’t fall too far behind the pace I’ve managed to set recently:

  • Create, and schedule to run on this blog, précis of at least eight Alternate Universes stories.
  • Create at least nine character biographies. (As before, if a character’s name comes up and I already have one for that character, I’ll look over it and consider revising, but count that as creation for the purpose of this count.)
  • Write a “character logline” or “motivation summary” for at least three characters.
  • Assign POV for all of A Calculated Wager.
  • Outline by sequence at least the first quarter of the Reignalmia sub-series.
  • Write at least a hundred words of “actual prose”: an opening page for the first Reignalmia story would be one idea.

We’ll see.


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