Writing status update (#40)

It’s again been four weeks since my last report on recent development of the Shine Cycle, my fantasy series-in-preparation. And I’m pleased to be able to report that the trend of continued steady progress continues.

Here’s how what I accomplished compared to my goals for the period:

  • Create at least four “character loglines” or “motivation summaries.”

I did five. And I also wrote eight (paragraph-length, as usual) character biographies.

  • Do “snowflake step 2” for four planned novels.

I met this, and I had thought there aren’t any more at that stage except for stories planned for the Alternate Universes sub-series for which I only came up with concepts a few months or so ago. (In looking over the next weeks’ tasks I have discovered I was mistaken.)

  • Decide how to divide “snowflake step 3” into discrete tasks.

Done, and I set up such tasks (“fairly soon” in the task tracker, instead of at the bottom of the queue) for three planned novels.

  • Assign point-of-view characters for at least four-fifths of New Ground

Done. I assigned POV for the entirety of the Reignalmia sub-series, the “Creatures stories”, and New Ground, and also Castle Commander.

  • Check at least four existing précis against more recent development to see if they need to be revised.

Nine. With one exception, or perhaps two, they do need revision, but I’m putting that off to coincide with the next time I’m immersed in the stories in question.

  • Investigate points about “The Adventure of the Royal Wedding” raised by a reader years ago that have been sitting at the top of my task list (essentially) since.

I didn’t get to this.

  • Make and at least begin to implement a decision about at least two of the ideas sitting in my files unconnected with the Shine Cycle series outline.

Done. I decided to put both of the ideas “up for adoption”; my post about the first idea ran on Saturday, and the other will follow in due course.

  • Write at least a hundred words of “actual prose.”

I didn’t get to this either.

Now, for my goals for the next month or so.

  • Create at least six character biographies.
  • Check at least four existing précis against more recent development to see if they need to be revised.
  • Create, and schedule to run on this blog, précis of at least two Alternate Universes stories.
  • Assign POV for at least “Dracon Heights” and the first half of Third Empire.
  • Create a logline and do “snowflake step 2” for Third Empire.
  • Write a “character logline” or “motivation summary” for at least four characters.
  • Write at least a hundred words of “actual prose.”

As ever, we’ll see.


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