Strategic Primer Issue Tracker for Rules/Mechanics Questions

As the current campaign of Strategic Primer has gone on, with the game’s aim of allowing players to “do the unexpected”, players have repeatedly come up with ideas that I hadn’t thought of before.

Occasionally the right way to handle a new idea flows directly, immediately and obviously, from the rules and game mechanics I’ve already established, from my memory of other games I have played or read about, or from my understanding of the item or system in the real world that corresponds to the idea.

More often, I don’t immediately leap to an answer that seems correct, but after discussing it with players, I come to some sort of reasonable answer. However, sometimes this discussion stretches out (given intermittent attention) over months or even years. And since these conversations often take place in comment threads alongside drafts of players’ strategies, it’s quite likely that some questions to which I said at the time nothing more definitive than “I’ll have to think about that” have simply gotten forgotten since then.

To make this information loss less likely, it would be helpful if there were one place where questions needing decisions could be collected. One early thought that occurred to me was a dedicated page on this blog, but given how out of date so much on this blog is already that doesn’t sound all that promising.

Then it occurred to me: There’s already one central place. It’s one I’ve neglected in the past, but I’ve resolved to turn my attention to it more often going forward, and I’ve set up a rule in Zapier to ensure any newly raised questions go to my task tracker as well. This place is the issue tracker for my “Strategic Primer data” repository. (That repository is not shared publicly, as it includes the world map and every strategy and results document so far for every player, but the issue tracker is open for anyone to view or comment.)

Over the next few months, I intend to go through my notes, and the comments threads on the strategy drafts that players shared with me for this and previous turns, to find rules, data, and mechanics questions that still need to be answered and add them to the issue tracker. But if you have such a question, I suggest raising an issue.


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