Shine Cycle Character Profile: Primrose

This is the next in the series of profiles of characters who will appear in the Shine Cycle, my fantasy-series-in-preparation.

Primrose – Princess in Vaynaheim and High Queen of the Empire until her final death in the War of Power. Heroine of the Sunshine Civil War, she married the King after that war but before his coronation and was crowned with him. Probably the greatest prophet in the Empire during her lifetime.

A tall, striking woman, her long black hair flows down her back. Until her marriage and coronation she eschewed robes entirely except on rare formal occasions, preferring clothing that was easier to move in, but after her marriage and coronation she has to wear robes of state most of the time. On all but the most formal of occasions she wears a light golden circlet rather than the heavy crown.

In her relative youth, Primrose was witty and playful, edging toward but not quite reaching the point of caprice, only displaying a serious mien when the situation required it. As the decades wore on, these sides of her reversed: she began reserving her wit for particular circumstances, and usually cast a solemn eye over the court. What did not changed was her visible passion for justice, equity, and liberty, and for her husband.

When not on state visits or on campaign, or in periods when the court is recessed, she sits in her own court from the late morning to early afternoon, then, after a luncheon, joins her husband and his court for the afternoon session.

Her strongest talents with the Power tend primarily toward foresight and insight, but she is also a powerful, skilled, and experienced war-mage, and also can show charisma strongly enough to hold an apparently-outclassed army together.

Primrose was born in Vaynaheim in the fourth decade of the existence of the world of the Shine Cycle. As she grew up there, at first precociously and then slowly as is common among mages and especially the Vaynar, she learned the Power, statecraft, and war in times of conflict and peace.

Eventually, when her elder and distant cousin Lord sent word from the Sunshine Kingdom of the war beginning there to remove the tyrant, she was sent there as part of the small delegation to investigate and render what aid they thought necessary. Soon after her arrival, she met Lord’s son Jon. For the rest of the war she worked closely with him, and the two fell in love. They were married soon after the end of the war.

After the war, when Jon was elected king of the Sunshine Kingdom, she was crowned with him. From then on most of her activities were constrained by her office, but she returned to Vaynaheim at least twice every decade, and tried to visit every country of the Empire at least once every decade to keep a proper perspective. Amid all of this, the intervening wars, and the busy life of a queen, she also bore several children.

In the years before the War of Power, she foresaw disaster befalling the Shine and Wild Empire and its allies. Accordingly, she made plans that enabled the orderly evacuation, isolation, and eventual restoration of the two continents for the period, and just before beginning her last quest she made final arrangements for the care of her newborn daughter.


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