Year-end summary

This is the last day before Advent, and so the last day of the year on the Christian liturgical calendar. This week I have again spent the week looking back over the past year, summarizing what has happened on this blog, and in the areas of my life that this blog covers, in the past year. I’ve already covered posts related to the Shine Cycle and to Strategic Primer; today, a look through other posts (poems and “essays”) that have appeared in this space in the past year since last year’s retrospective.

This blog was fairly sparse this past year, with only ten posts outside of the Shine Cycle and Strategic Primer departments.

The other four posts were all new poems:

I didn’t blog much in this past year, and when I did it was mostly progress reports for Shine Cycle or Strategic Primer development. I hope to post more regularly, and at greater length, in this coming year (starting by marking Advent, if I can think of something).


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