Strategic Primer: NEWS (April 2015)

When I first started doing these “NEWS” roundups for Strategic Primer play and development, I had intended for them to be quarterly. Still, until the last few weeks there’s been little real news to report … but that has now changed.

First, as you undoubtedly now know, we recently finished Turn #12 in the campaign. One player has already started working on a strategy for the coming turn, which is a promising sign.

Second, a peek behind the curtain: In the campaign’s map, there were (at the time I counted) on the order of 2500 fixtures with their contents marked “TODO” in some way, mostly caches whose contents need to be generated or adventure hooks I need to invent. Since last October, when I added tasks for fixing these to my task tracker, I’ve fixed about two hundred of them, as well as fixing en masse the pervasive misspellings and inconsistencies I mentioned in the map summary. (The remaining ones are by far the largest category in my task tracker, so I try to do at least a score of them each week, which isn’t always possible.) I’ve also changed all the undifferentiated “dinosaur” animal populations to more specific kinds, and started to make progress on adding populations of flora and fauna that existed on only one tile.

Since the year-end summary, which functioned as a NEWS post, there’s been little visible activity in this category on the blog, except assistive program development reports. Behind the curtain, however, I’ve been converting old posts to Markdown (which WordPress has supported for a few years now) and doing triage to determine which content I want to revise and run on the new blog when I start it.

Late in the course of running the turn, in addition to what I mentioned in the turn summary, I finally developed stats for the time required for processing meat, which, as I explained last year, I had been running in a purely ad-hoc fashion before.

I hope to have more and more substantive news to post in three or so months, and less empty space on the blog’s calendar to look back through.


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