Writing Status Update (#30)

It’s been well over a month, if not quite two months yet, since my last update. And while these weeks have not been a total loss for Shine Cycle development, my progress was slow and intermittent. Still, I did manage to accomplish a little worth mentioning, and it’s about time to make a quarterly report on my goals for the year.

What little I actually accomplished in the last weeks came down to two items: one character history, and The Longest War outlining. I think I might have gotten at least half-way through what remained of The Longest War that needed to be outlined by sequence, though I’m not sure.

For next month, I’ll simply repeat the goals I set back in early February:

  • Continue regular work on Shine Cycle development (the prerequisite for any substantial progress at all).
  • Outline at least the rest of The Longest War by sequence.
  • In fractalling the culture of the Empire and the Sunshine Kingdom, get at least a third of the way through the “Humanity” section.
  • Write at least one character history.
  • Write at least a hundred words of “actual prose.”

We’ll see.

However, as it’s now about a quarter of the way through 2015, I thought it’d be a good idea to consider how I’ve managed so far on the goals I set for the year.

  • Goal: In my iterative outlining, get at least to the end of the saga in the current pass—which is converting “super-sequence” outlines to outlines by “sequence”, deciding on point-of-view characters, and creating tentative loglines.
  • Intermediate Goal: Have at least a general (“super-sequence”) outline of every “main-line” story, plus the “Game of Life”, by July.

I’m nearly done with The Longest War, but that still leaves on the order of 11 needing outlining by sequence (most without even the “super-sequence” outline), as many needing point-of-view characters, and nine without even tentative loglines

  • Goal: Have at least one “polished” logline.
  • Stretch Goal: Get at least half-way through the “snowflake method” for at least one story.

I’ve mae no progress on either of these.

  • Goal: Write at least four character histories.
  • Intermediate Goal: One character history by April, two by July, three by October.

I’m on track to meet or exceed these, with one character history completed by, as it happened, the middle of February.

  • Goal: Finish working through the “Deep Culture Fractalling System” (that is, the “worldview” part, which is all that’s been posted …) for the Imperial culture.
  • Intermediate Goal: Finish “Step 3: Reality.”

I finished “Step 3” (to the extent that I’m answering the questions, because I finish most answers with a note “TODO: answer in more detail and for subcultures”) in January, I think. And it looks like I’m on track to finish the rest of the questions well before the end of the year, though I may well get behind again.

  • Stretch Goal: Get at least halfway (probably about 50,000 words, but assessed using the outline if the story turns out to be significantly shorter than that would indicate) through a draft of one of the (intended-to-be-novel-length) stories I’ve done at least preliminary planning for.

No progress on that either.

So, I think a fair summary would be “not as good as I’d hoped, not as bad as I’d feared.” Here’s hoping the next few months will be more productive.


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