A Year in Verse, Book and Blog, Available

A Year in Verse coverAs my regular readers are by now painfully aware, for the last few years I’ve been working on a collection of my poetry. This month, after numerous delays, that work is finished: my collection, titled A Year in Verse, is available in print and electronic formats.

As the title suggests, the book makes the year its organizing principle. Poems for specific holidays and occasions are intermingled with poems about nature in specific seasons, academic and social life, and cats—not quite sixty in all. Each is also accompanied by at least one illustration, taken from public-domain sources.

The front cover, which you can see at the side of this post, is by the talented Australian artist Jasmine Ruigrok. (The blame for the rest of the cover falls to me alone.) The interior of the book is typeset using \LaTeX and the poetrytex package by Sam Whited; the Kindle version was produced using a shell script I wrote, but would not have been possible without the amazing text-format-conversion program pandoc.

To mark this release, I have also begun a blog that is also titled “A Year in Verse.” On that blog, each week for a year (through the end of this liturgical year next November) at least, I intend to post a poem that I have enjoyed reading. So far I’ve used poems by Donne, Hopkins, Rossetti, and Shakespeare—all of whom will appear again, I’m certain, in the coming months.

A Year in Verse—the book—is available on Amazon Kindle and in print.


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