It’s now been over a month since I’ve made a post on this blog other than a status update. This was not by design; I had an (in retrospect over-ambitious) schedule of posts I wanted to write, but that schedule constantly slipped. And the demands on my time are if anything increasing.

So today I’m making that hiatus formal. The next post on this blog, other than perhaps writing status updates and development reports, won’t be until the end of the year—by which I mean, of course, the liturgical year, the week, octave, or a little longer before Advent.

In that time, besides trying to get ahead on all my other time-sinks, I hope to write at least a short queue of “pre-made” posts (such as I had when I first started posting regularly) that I can just paste in and set to run. I will also consider how ambitious a blogging routine I’m likely to be able to keep up with, and will announce changes to the “posting schedule” when the hiatus ends.


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