Shine Cycle character profile: Adelaide

Adelaide is a bard and great-mage, in the Queen’s personal service, and a princess at large. She has the peculiar ability to break opponents’ workings targeting her and their concentration, which generally removes the necessity of doing damage to achieve objectives.

A woman of medium height, somewhat thickset, with an otherwise severe-looking face usually animated by a small smile and dancing eyes and framed by the brown curls of her hair. In the halls of government and the Bardic College she wears bardic robes with a patch showing her other ranks on her left shoulder, as well as a thin silver circlet, but when appearing “as a private person” she prefers to revert to the casual fashions imported from Earth.

When she arrived in the Empire, Adelaide soon found a job as a clerk in a downtown savings-and-loan bank. She quickly advanced there, finding that her experience in similar positions on Earth left her better trained than her employer expected his employees to be. Some years later, a gang of thieves tried to rob the bank, but she instinctively cast an unformed working that threw the robbers into confusion and allowed the bank’s customers and other employees to subdue them.

After that experience, and on the advice of her employer, she entered the College of Mages. She proved competent but unremarkable in her years as an apprentice, but during her more advanced studies as a journeyman she discovered her talent for breaking bounds and for casting disruptions.

After she passed her great-mage exams, she entered the Imperial Service and was assigned to be a clerk and guard in the Queen’s Offices section of the Palace. She also began studying at the Bardic College in the evenings and on her days off. She completed her initial course there and was named a journeyman in six years, a year after she earned her seniority in the entry level of the Service. At that point she took a leave of absence to make her journeyman tour, returning to her post after she was declared a full bard.

Some years after that, she used her unique abilities and her training in both music, bardic song, and the Power to prevent the most serious assassination attempt on the Queen the Palace had seen in many years. This brought her to the notice of Parliamentary leaders, who made her a princess at large and gave her a seat in the House of Peers. The Queen also summoned her to her personal service, making her a close bodyguard and an adviser on some metaphysical matters when the Queen is in residence at the Palace, a post she has held since.

In the war that soon followed, Adelaide occasionally also joined the Queen when she traveled to or near the front. A few engagements, in which she never directly caused damage to any enemy but she disrupted enemy mages’ workings enough that they damaged themselves or targeted their own troops instead of her or her companions, demonstrated the utility of her unique abilities.


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