“A Year in Verse” Blog

As many of you know, for some time now I’ve been working on putting together a collection of my poetry. What I haven’t mentioned until now is that when I release the collection, I plan to promote it with a complementary blog. (Link to follow when the time comes.) And, as with the collection itself, I’d like your suggestions for the book’s blog.

As I discussed earlier, the title of the collection will be A Year In Verse, as it’s built around the cycles of a year, and has a few more poems than would be needed to have a poem a week.

Similarly, the “A Year In Verse” blog will, for at least a year, present its readers with at least one poem a week. A few of the poems on the blog will come from the book, or be poems I considered including but decided against. But most will be by other poets from past centuries. (I’ve decided to limit myself to poems that are in the public domain or that I am otherwise explicitly permitted to use.)

At a rate of one poem a week, I will need at least 52 poems. I have the beginnings of a list, and I keep running across poems I might like to include. But I’m not sure I will have enough before I begin, or maybe even enough for the first three or four months. And I’m sure that some of you, my readers, have favorite poets that I’ve never read. So I’d like your suggestions for poems to include in my “Year in Verse.”

Because the book will include illustrations (line drawings from the public domain) accompanying many of the poems, I’m also considering pairing each poem on the promotional blog with a suitable image—probably paintings, since the book’s illustrations will all be in black and white (or, in at least one case, grayscale). If you have any suggestions for pictures to use, on the blog or in the book, I’d love to hear those as well.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


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