Strategic Primer: NEWS (August 2014)

It’s been three months since the last installment in the quasi-quarterly series of posts collecting “recent” information of interest to players of Strategic Primer, so it’s time for another, though there’s fairly little “NEWS” to report. (But the posts linked from previous NEWS summaries could still use discussion.)

The assistive programs have seen several major bug fixes and new features, including a “Window” menu, filtering “all” kinds of fixtures or “none” in the map viewer, setting orders in the worker-management app for all units of a given “kind” at once.

As I explained, I developed a way to model the contents of a mineral vein or abandoned mine, which I intend to start using essentially immediately.

We finally finished the twelfth turn.

I wrote a program to expand players’ known-world maps to include the surroundings of allied towns and villages. I intend to use it during this coming turn, and maybe (or maybe not, we’ll see) every turn thereafter.

I developed rules for gestation and development of chickens and other fowl, so I can give quasi-reasonable results when players’ herds include flocks of fowl.

I added the ‘Food Gatherer’ Job to the Starting Package, and to the one player who didn’t have the advance already.

And I posted a list of ideas for future campaigns, some of which might be workable in the current campaign with player agreement.


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