Poetry Book Update

In the months since my last report on my “Poetry Book” project, there’s been some minor progress worth reporting, and a few questions for my readers.


First, I have a second illustration, and have dropped the idea of using the TeX-native graphics (which never really worked) in favor of more standard graphics-inclusion methods.

Second, I have added a second part to my dedication. (About which also my first question for readers, below.)

Third, I got the scripts I use to turn my “source” into PDFs to build it with poemscol and poetrytex (which are mutually incompatible, hence my two versions) in the same run.

And fourth, because I have been utterly unable to find even a hint as to how to produce an EPUB or Kindle format e-book from arbitrary \LaTeX source (“arbitrary” because I use a great deal of specialized or custom \LaTeX markup for the poetry in this book), I’ve moved every poem into its own file that is “included” into the main text, and begun to develop a script to produce the \LaTeX format of each poem automatically from the Markdown “master copies”—which I should be able to convert to EPUB or Kindle easily enough.


Now, my questions for you, readers.

First, about the dedication. As it stands, the book is dedicated to those in two categories of people. (I can give the dedication in full if that would help you give better advice, but if not I’d rather keep it under my hat for the moment.) I have particular people in mind, but I’ve been dithering about whether to name them individually on the dedication page ever since I thought of whom to dedicate the book to, so I decided to err on the side of discretion. But what do you think? Should I name the dedicatees on the dedication page, in an Acknowledgements section, or only in private communications? (I intend to send copies, at least electronic, to the dedicatees, since it doesn’t seem right to dedicate a book to someone and have him or her have to pay to read it, and that would necessarily be accompanied by a message explaining why.)

Second, as I wrote in March, given the rate at which I’ve been writing poetry a single volume of 57 poems seems a bit short. Should I leave it as is, increase the number of poems, or turn the project into a series of perhaps-smaller volumes of poetry, covering either a fraction of a year per volume or more than a single year in total?

And lastly, does anyone want to volunteer to test-read and help me revise the front- and back-matter prose and polish the poetry?


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