Writing status update (#24)

In the month since my last report, I’ve made somewhat-inconsistent but sustained progress for the first time in several months. To give more details than that sentence-length summary, I’ll look at the goals I set a month ago:

  • Continue regularly working on Shine Cycle development. (Without this, there will be no progress to report.)

I might quibble about “regularity,” because I was definitely off-and-on, but with the amount I got done I was “on” enough to call this a success.

  • Outline at least the rest of The Longest War by sequence.

(By the way, a few weeks ago I posted a description of my writing process that explains the phrase “outline … by sequence.”)

I’m more than half-way through The Longest War on this level of outlining, but not quite two-thirds. So I would call this a failure, but more on estimating what’s a reasonable goal, or a success except at reaching the goal I quoted.

  • In my process of fractalling the culture of the Empire and the Sunshine Kingdom, get through at least the rest of the “View” questions.

I did, and got several questions into the “Identity” section.

  • Write at least several hundred words of actual prose.

As usual, I didn’t write any “actual prose.” However, I did write a handful of character histories, which are closer to “actual prose” than I’ve managed in months, and have been sitting in my task tracker for years.

I should also mention that I started on character histories because I ran out of characters needing “entries” (in each profile in my usual format, the “entry” is the initial paragraph), so at the moment I have no characters with “a name but nothing else.” This will change soon enough, as I have “characters without names” (via a process I’ve dubbed “Anti-Tuckerization”), but it’s a definite milestone. And with these histories in hand, I can now start posting profiles on this blog again.

I’ll set similar goals for this coming month to what I’ve just accomplished (I will be happy to keep the same rate of progress):

  • Continue regular work on Shine Cycle development (the prerequisite for any substantial progress at all).
  • Outline at least the rest of The Longest War by sequence.
  • In fractalling the culture of the Empire and the Sunshine Kingdom, get at least to the end of the “Communal Identity” subsection.
  • Write at least four character histories.
  • Write at least a couple of hundred words of “actual prose.”

We’ll see.


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