Nonsense Questions: A Thought-Experiment

Along much the same lines as a previous thought-experiment:

Suppose you worked in the office of the city clerk of a large and bustling city—so large, in fact, that it was a full-time job just to handle applications for parade permits.

And then suppose you came to an application in which someone requested permission to lead a parade through his own intestines. How should you respond to this application?

What if, instead of a lone petition in one city, that is probably a joke, petitions for official sanction for “intestinal parades” across the country numbered in the tens or hundreds of thousands? What if the courts routinely ruled that any statute that failed to affirmatively permit a person from parading down his own intestine was unconstitutional? What if the “mainstream media” consistently insisted that no reasonable person could have any conceivable grounds for objecting?


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