Shine Cycle Character Profile: Windstorm of the Rivers Kingdom

Windstorm – Princess of the Rivers Kingdom and great-mage. The most potent weather-mage currently known, thought to be capable of standing against even a Vayna or a dragon in that field. She has developed and cast weather-workings of climactic scale at least twice, and has unwound powerful hurricanes three times.

A rather tall, striking blonde woman, she usually avoids wearing robes even when they are an official uniform, choosing instead something closer-fitting; in this she is going only slightly farther than most weather-mages. She usually keeps her back-length hair carefully pinned up.

Almost immediately on her arrival, Windstorm was recruited by the College of Mages. She quickly showed her strong talent, and while still an apprentice joined a team from the College in the support staff of the army in what would become the Rivers Kingdom. This posting was supposed to be safe and kept well away from the front lines, but those plans failed and the team was plunged briefly into the fighting. To defend herself, Windstorm tried a battle working she had read about. It got a bit away from her, draining her to the point she had to be evacuated for medical treatment but also revealing her strong aptitude for weather workings.

After the war, she quickly completed her studies at the College of Mages. When she applied to the Imperial Service, she was sent back to the Rivers Kingdom to do what she could to help with flood control there, as a federal liaison to the Rivers Kingdom Flood Control Authority, a position she would hold (though her title and exact responsibilities changed) for several decades.

After her first flood season in the Rivers Kingdom, she began taking Academy science courses by correspondence: geology, ecology, hydrology, and then more specialized fields. About a decade into her tenure as liaison to the Flood Control Authority, she began developing a collection of workings to help prevent or control floods on the scale of a whole kingdom or principality. When she finally decided they were complete and cast them, reducing the kingdom’s losses in the next flood season significantly, her popularity in the kingdom rose wildly.

In the next election, her local district elected her to the municipal council by acclamation. After that term, she was elected mayor. And after that, the torrent of public approval pushed her to the kingdom’s legislature, where she remained for four terms.

During her fourth term in the legislature, the Prince of the Rivers Kingdom died. After a spirited debate, the legislature voted to appoint her to the vacant position, a choice that the Imperial Parliament confirmed.


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