Strategic Primer: NEWS (May 2014)

Last summer, I began what I intended to be an approximately quarterly series of posts collecting everything that was recent—blog posts, rules decisions, etc.—and of interest to players of Strategic Primer. The last post was in January, so it’s time for another installment.

First, the worker-management app now “visually warns” if the orders associated with a unit contains either “TODO” or “FIXME”.

Second, I wrote a somewhat length post discussing how scientific research and discovery is, has historically been, and could be modeled in Strategic Primer.

Third, I wrote a post similarly discussing how combat has been and could be modeled in Strategic Primer.

Fourth, I wrote about the history of strategy formats used by players.

Fifth, in response to one player’s complaint, the worker-management app now groups units by their “kind” (category) in the visual “tree” in the same way that it will in the exported proto-strategy. This did, however, introduce some bugs (in drag-and-drop handling, among other things) that will be fixed in next week’s release.

Lastly, I recently finished running the last “AI” strategy for the current turn, so players should make sure that I have final versions of their strategies, and anyone interested in joining the campaign should let me know soon.


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