“Jesus has risen! Let us now rejoice.”

Jesus has risen! Let us now rejoice.
The way is open, for our Pioneer
Has burst the gates of death and blazed the trail
That we shall one day heavenward follow.

Jesus has risen! Let the earth be glad,
For God has made his greatest promise true
By raising him in whom they all are “Yes!”
As the first step in making “all things new.”

I’ve been intending to write a poem for the Octave of Easter, as I did last year and the year before, for months. But it wasn’t until today, and then with difficulty, that I could find any words that I could arrange in some form even approximating verse.

As always, I earnestly welcome your comments, suggestions (perhaps of a real title for this poem?), questions, critique, or other feedback about this or any other part of my work. If you liked this, you can follow this blog, which includes one of my poems nearly every Friday, or read other poems I’ve written here on my blog (starting with those linked from one of the “archive” installments, since the full archive is by now, at over two hundred poems, somewhat daunting); I’d especially like to know, as part of my preparations for a collection, which poems you think are my best. You may also share it with others, subject to my sharing policy.

This is also archived on my wiki.


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