Writing status update (#22)

It’s been about about a month since my last report, so while I don’t have much progress to report, it’s time for an update. Last month, I had made some but only limited progress on merely two of my listed goals, but I hoped that I might be able to get back into the habits that had given me a few months of regular progress in previous months. But while I didn’t revert to total stagnation, I didn’t make much progress this month either.

Taking the goals I listed last month in order:

  • I remembered and intended to work on Shine Cycle development semi-regularly. How often these intentions bore fruit is another matter—the current “blocking” task is coming up with a logline (or rather three, as I think I’m going to split it) for The Longest War, which I can’t do in snatched moments here and there.
  • In my process of revising and updating this blog’s Pages in the Shine Cycle categories, I’m through last August, surpassing my goal by several months.
  • As I mentioned, my outining of The Longest War is “blocked” by the need for loglines. But I have done tentative “POV assignments.”
  • In working through the culture-fractalling questions, I did manage to get through the Geo-Physical Environment section, and a couple of questions further.
  • The timeline revision is “blocked” by the process of setting up the spreadsheet. While all the events and dates are in place, and it’s set up for filtering, the dates are mostly just numbers, not relative to other dates—which is what I need to be able to start changing any of the dates.
  • And, as you might expect from the rest of my lackluster report, no “actual prose” on any Shine Cycle project.

But I hope my “velocity” has started to improve, and that the “blocking” tasks will be resolved soon, so I’ll set similar goals:

  • Get back into the habit of regularly working on Shine Cycle development. (Without this, there will be no progress to report.)
  • Finish my revision/update pass through the Shine Cycle-related Pages on this blog.
  • Outline the first third of The Longest War by sequence.
  • In my process of fractalling the culture of the Empire and the Sunshine Kingdom, get through at least the rest of the “Socio-Historical Envvironment” questions.
  • Finish at least the second arc in the timeline revision.
  • Write at least several hundred words of actual prose.

Again, we’ll see.


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